Angry Birds Coloring Pages


Angry Birds – Kids love these “pissed off birds” and they love to color them even more, having plenty of room to maneuver and develop their imaginations.

Angry Birds coloring pages

It’s worth checking out the free printable coloring pages from Angry Birds – kids will be delighted, among others, from the Space, Star Wars or Rio series. The choice is much greater. Among the numerous coloring pages, we can also find versions with Christmas Angry Birds. And it’s all free. Just choose the coloring pages with your child and download or print them. Ready! Good luck!

Red bird from Angry Birds to print for free
Coloring page with the characters of the Angry Birds fairy tale
Coloring book from the fairy tale Angry Birds piggy
Pig from the Angry Birds fairy tale printable
Angry Birds coloring page to print
Bird from the fairy tale Angry Birds
Angry Birds Stella coloring page
Angry Birds Star Wars coloring page
Birds from Angry Birds coloring page
Coloring page Angry Birds with birds
Coloring book Angry Birds Easter
Angry Birds coloring page with slingshot and birds
Angry Birds coloring book with fairy tale characters
Angry Birds logo for painting
Coloring book jumping bird from Angry Birds
Coloring book with crazy birds Angry Birds
Coloring page Angry Birds Stella with friends
Angry Birds coloring book
Angry Birds coloring page with pig and eggs
Bird from the fairy tale Angry Birds for painting
Angry Birds coloring book for printing
Coloring book from the fairy tale Angry Birds
Angry Birds Stella and fruit coloring page
Pigs from Angry Birds for painting
Coloring piggy from Angry Birds
Printable coloring page from the fairy tale Angry Birds
Angry Birds coloring book for children
Pig coloring book from Angry Birds
Angry Birds coloring page printable
Bubbles from Angry Birds for coloring
Angry Birds with a bomb bird printable coloring page

Coloring pages from the Angry Birds series - interesting information

Your child loves Angry Birds? Nothing unusual! This is one of the favorite games of children from all over the world. Expressive, emotional and memorable - this is how you can describe Angry Birds in a nutshell. No wonder Angry Birds coloring pages are also very popular! What interesting do we know about this game?

Check it out for yourself:

1. There is a family theme park in Tampere, Finland, which is 100% dedicated to the game Angry Birds. Have you already gone there with your kids? :)

2. Some teachers, especially American ones, realizing the popularity of Angry Birds, use exercises with the main characters of the game. All this to attract students' attention even more. One example is a task where students had to count the angle at which a bird would be shot to… hit a pig.

3. Angry Birds, a game that has millions of fans around the world, was created only by ... 4 people for 8 months. As you can see, great success does not mean the work of a huge team of people for many years. It is worth adding, however, that Rovio, the producer of Angry Birds, previously released several dozen games and the rare one did not achieve a spectacular success. And this means that it is worth being persistent, and success will finally come!

4. The production cost of the game was around 70,000 dollars. Profits have long exceeded ... $ 100 billion.

5. Not everyone realizes that the biggest fans of the game are very famous people, such as Angelina Jolie or David Cameron. I wonder if they also like Angry Birds coloring pages? We suspect so! Who wouldn't like them?

6. The famous "rabid birds" have become an integral part of contemporary pop culture. Nobody is surprised to see them in movies, series, on gadgets and in many other places.

Do you love Angry Birds? Your kids too? It's great! Download a series of pictures and color them with the whole family! After downloading, the Angry Birds coloring sheets are ready to print (in A4 format). And what is important - all coloring pages, both those from Angry Birds and other fairy-tale heroes, are for free. Just use it!