Animals coloring pages


All children love pets! Not only domestic ones such as dogs, cats, fish, guinea pigs, hamsters and rabbits. Larger animals such as hippos, elephants, giraffes, lions, horses, cheetahs and turtles are also very popular among the youngest. After all, many of them are the heroes of our children’s favorite fairy tales.

Animals coloring pages

Toddlers also love coloring books. Therefore, it is worth combining these two passions and giving the child … coloring pages with animals. It’s not about buying a ton of coloring books right away – you just need to download free sheets from our website. One click, print on your home printer and ready. The kids will be delighted. Their parents too, because coloring is great fun for the whole family.

Coloring Pages Animals Printable

Your child loves coloring books? Pets too? That’s great. Then you have to give him coloring pages with animal heroes in the lead role. Join us and present your toddler the world of animals. Select and print selected sheets. You don’t have to limit yourself (just like your child, who can choose a coloring book himself) – each download is free.

All you need to do is print the coloring cards on your home printer. Every day your child can color something different – today a doggy, tomorrow a kitty, and the day after tomorrow a giraffe. Or much more. The choice is huge!

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Coloring pages - forest and other animals

It cannot be denied that coloring pages with animals is a way to learn about the natural world. Children get used to the sight of animals, and while coloring a dog, cat or guinea pig, they can hear from their parents what the creature is characterized by. So we combine business with pleasure. The child is learning and having fun at the same time - the best way to educate yourself!

Animal coloring pages are one of the most popular coloring books for children - regardless of the age or pays your child. The youngest prefer family friends such as dogs, cats, hamsters, rabbits and guinea pigs in the first place. But often they also reach for animals straight from the farm or safari. Filling the contours of your favorite genre is an enormously pleasant activity that not only makes you happy or teaches, but also develops creativity and stimulates the imagination.

Coloring pages - animals in the countryside and much more

Coloring is the spirit of all the fun, but nobody said you couldn't start coloring before the main activity itself. On our website you will find a lot of sheets with animals - let your child choose their favorite ones. Start with one, a few at the most. Let your toddler decide what interests him the most every time. It will be a very important activity for him - he will decide what interests him. Let us not deprive our children of this important attraction. Thanks to her own decision-making, she will develop another skill. Let the toddler also choose the colors and types of crayons. Thus, we have a great attraction that entertains and educates. Sounds perfect, right?

Top 25 Animal Curiosities

We have already written many times on our website why it is worth to color and how many benefits it brings. Today we will focus on the animals themselves, which are extremely interesting characters. No wonder most children are clingy. After all, animals have long provided people with a lot of joy and original impressions. It is one of the most diverse groups of organisms on the planet!

We have prepared a portion of the best, in our opinion, curiosities about animals. It is worth presenting them to the child, who will thus be even more encouraged to color the animals. And that's a lot of benefits. So get to work.

Did you know…?

1. There are no two identical spotted tigers in the world, their stripes on their fur and on the skin are unique to each specific animal.

2. The tiger's legs are extremely strong. When the animal dies, its legs are able to keep it upright.

3. It is said that the best way to deal with an attacking crocodile is to press your finger into its eye. Probably then he will release the jaw clamp.

4. Fleas can jump up to 200 times higher than their body height. There is no other species that can do the same.
5. The bees ... are dancing. Amazing, isn't it? And yet it is so. Bees make circles in the air that signal a new source of pollen or nectar.

6. There are species of basilisks (lizards) in the world that can run on water. They cover particularly long distances when they run away from their tormentors. No wonder they are called the lizards of Jesus Christ, who also walked on the water.

7. Camels have a hump for a reason. They are used to manage water over long distances in the desert.

8. Goats are one of the first animals? It turns out that a man looked after them already ... 9,000 years ago.

9. Chimpanzees are one of the most intelligent animals. Not everyone is aware that these species can talk and even modulate their voice. They also use various types of gestures in this way, letting you know about your mood or intentions.

10. The eagle's wingspan can reach up to two meters. Thus, the eagle is referred to as one of the largest predators in the world.

11. The largest mammals on land are elephants.

12. Leopards, very agile animals, are able to jump up to 6 meters.

13. Polar bears are mistakenly referred to as white. Their skin is black and their fur is transparent. The light reflected by the hair gives the false impression that the bear is white in color.

14. Orcs are very voracious animals. They are able to eat up to 250 kg of food daily. They mainly eat fish, seals, penguins, squid and even sea turtles.

15. Beavers' teeth are very specific. They're constantly growing, and that's the main reason animals have to keep chafing them.

16. Ants never sleep.

17. Butterflies have two eyes, but a thousand lenses. Still, they can't see much - they only see three colors. They are red, yellow and green.

18. A snail's eye, for example, lost due to an accident, is able to regenerate itself.

19. The Labrador is one of the most popular dog breeds, characterized by a very gentle nature. These dogs are both energetic and extremely intelligent. Due to these features, they are used for police work. They are also used by the disabled. Additionally, they love children, so they also work as therapy dogs.

20. Some animals… can count. They are mainly coots, canaries and chimpanzees. Birds with this skill count how many eggs have been planted in their nest.

21. Squirrels are unwittingly planting trees. They bury the seeds in the ground, but then forget the exact location. That is why they are often called random growers.

22. Leopards run very, very fast, they can reach speeds of up to 60 kilometers per hour!

23. Elephants most of the day… eat. They are herbivores, so they must eat a lot of food to satisfy their hunger.

24. Sheep can heal their own abdominal pain as well as… infection with intestinal parasites. When they feel bad and know that something is wrong, they look for special plants to help them.

25. The elephant is the only mammal that cannot jump.

The animal world is extremely colorful. Every child can color it themselves, it's that simple! Just use our ready-made coloring sheets. Click download and print on your home printer. Nice