Barbie coloring pages


Barbie is the most famous doll in the world and has been loved by many generations. Together with Ken, he travels through children’s homes (older and younger) around the world. Look for girls with a candle who have never wanted or played with Barbie.

Barbie Coloring Pages

All little fans of this amazing doll will surely love the coloring pages with Barbie and Ken in the lead role. Free coloring books can be downloaded at any time. It is enough to print them on a home printer in A4 format to have great coloring pages that will make the time of the whole family pleasant. How to color a Barbie? The only limit is the child’s imagination – get to work!

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Barbie mermaid coloring page

Interesting Barbie

Barbie, a popular culture icon, has aroused great interest among children from all over the world for years. To this day, this doll captivates girls mainly with its appearance - Barbie looks like an adult woman. And this gives a number of ideas for fun scenarios. Just like the coloring pages with Barbie in the lead role - you can download them for FREE on our website.

Here are some interesting facts about Barbie, do you know them all?

1. Barbie made her debut in 1959 in New York at the toy fair.

2. The first Barbie doll looked nothing like famous actress or singer. It was created on the basis of Bild Lilli - the escort girl who was the heroine of German comic books for men.

3. Everyone uses this iconic doll "Barbie," meanwhile, Barbie's real name is Barbara Millicent Roberts. The name "Barbara" was derived from the daughter of Ruth Handler, the creator of Barbie, whose daughter's name was that. However, soon the diminutive was used, which was so well received all over the world.

4. The first Barbie models were available only in two options - the doll had a fair complexion and either blonde or dark hair. Today, of course, we have a whole range of Barbie dolls - it turns out there are over 40 different nationalities available!

5. Barbie is very social - she loves spend time with your friends. He also loves a lavish lifestyle - he has several houses, cars and a lot of all kinds of gadgets. Barbie is also friends with famous people - hence doll models resembling celebrities or characters from famous movies and series.

6. Barbie is also available in various versions when it comes to her… work. As it turns out, this character is not afraid of any work. We can buy a Barbie policewoman, fitness instructor, rapper or businesswoman.

7. Barbie's partner is Ken who is 2 years younger than Barbie. Today it's no surprise, but years ago, when Barbie was becoming famous, the fact that she had a younger man was controversial.

Check out the free coloring pages with Barbie, and you won't regret printing them for your kids. Not only girls will be delighted with the variety and attractiveness of these coloring pages.