Brawl Stars coloring pages


Brawl Stars is a game that enjoys great popularity. It is available on smartphones. If you like to play games on your phone, you’ve definitely already dealt with Brawl Stars. No wonder it attracts like a magnet. After all, this is exactly the game where you can challenge other players. What is its primary purpose? Win as many rounds as possible and gain as many trophies as possible.

Brawl Stars coloring pages

Brawl Stars was founded in 2018, and a year later it was nominated for the mobile game of the year. No wonder more and more gadgets are being made around the game. We couldn’t ignore the popularity of the game, so we have great Brawl Stars coloring sheets for you. Be sure to check what you can download, of course, as always, for FREE.

Colt Brawl Stars coloring book
Nita Brawl Stars coloring page to print
Rico Brawl Stars free coloring book
EL Primo Brawl Stars coloring page
Sandy Brawl Stars coloring book from the game
Bull coloring book from the mobile game Brawl Stars
Frank coloring page Brawl Stars
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Carl Brawl Stars coloring page
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Coloring page Brawl Stars
Printable Brawl Stars logo

Brawl Stars coloring pages for game fans

The huge popularity of Brawl Stars is certainly due to the easy availability of this game. The game can be downloaded in a few moments from the App Store or Google Play. You can also play it on your tablet. It's no secret that mobile games are very popular. People spend their time on their phones not only scrolling through social media, but as it turns out - they mostly play. They use every free moment for it. We also love to play games on the phone, and Brawl Stars has stolen our hearts long ago.

Therefore, we could not ignore the fans of this game and offer Brawl Stars coloring pages . This is a great alternative to playing on your phone. Sometimes it is worth putting away your smartphone and reaching for Brawl Stars coloring sheets - they will allow you to calm down, relax and stimulate creativity. We have seen for a long time how many advantages there are in coloring.

Coloring pages for game fans

Did you know that on our website you will find a lot of coloring pages with characters, incl. from games? This is a real treat for all game fans, but not only! We recommend our coloring sheets to everyone who wants to spend their time in a very pleasant and developing way. There is no need to remind anyone about the advantages of coloring - there are lots of them! Coloring pages calm down, relax, let you de-stress, develop creativity and imagination.

That is why they are recommended for children (after all, children love to color - and very good), but why not also adults? That is why you will find coloring sheets from games or movies intended for adults on our website. We hope it will encourage you to reach for this entertainment.

Coloring Brawl Stars for the whole family

We also encourage you to color together with your friends and family, as well as with your family. If your children love to color, be sure to try to do it with them. Everyone can have their own coloring sheet, which you can download from our website. You can adjust your difficulty level and choose your favorite characters. However, no one said that you cannot color one coloring page. It all depends on you, your wishes and preferences. We heartily recommend our coloring pages!

Brawl Stars - interesting facts

But let's get back to the Brawl Stars game. At this point, it is worth mentioning a few interesting facts about this amazing and very creative game. Ready for some interesting information? We have collected them especially for you! Here they are:

1. Brawl Stars is free to download to your phone for Android or iOS.

2. The game was developed by Supercell. The premiere of Brawl Stars was announced on June 14, 2017, during a live broadcast on YouTube. The game itself was released in December 2018.

3. Already in 2019, it was reported that Brawl Stars has been downloaded over 100 million times.

4. What influenced the Brawl Stars game design? The inspiration was primarily multiplayer games such as League of Legends or Overwatch. The creators of the game were very keen to create an interesting project only for mobile devices. It was a great decision!

5. Brawl Stars is primarily intended for many players. However, if you want to play it yourself, you have the option - then you can act with bots. Then you won't get the "cups" you would normally get (in multiplayer option) when you win that round.

6. Brawl Stars allows you to play in multiple modes.

7. Brawl Stars players collect so-called "brawlers", or characters. Each player takes on the role of a brawler, e.g. the starting brawler. Other character categories include rare, very rare, epic, mythic, legendary or chromatic. Each "brawler" can improve by gaining special powers.

8. There are three basic currencies in the game: Coins, Gems and Star Points. With this "money" it is possible to buy various accessories that change the characteristics and appearance of the heroes. Players can also spend real money on the game.

9. The game also features the "Brawl Pass" season pass, in which there is a paid and free development path. It is possible to obtain coins, gems, chests, characters and skins here.

10. Brawl Stars has won several awards, incl. nomination for the best mobile game in the British Academy Games Awards, nomination for the e-sport game of the year (Esports Awards 2019) and nomination for the best application of the Play Store (Google Play Awards).

Coloring Brawl Stars - check it out today

Why is it worth reaching for Brawl Stars coloring sheets and other coloring pages from our website? Because they are a lot of great fun. In addition, you can download them in a few moments (to your computer or phone), absolutely for free. You only need to print the sheets on your home printer or at a point. We are curious to see which Brawl Stars sheets you will like the most at first.

Choose what caught your eye at first - we're sure you'll download more sheets later. Relax - there will be plenty of it for sure. Our world of coloring books is already very rich, and it is constantly evolving. We also love to color. Have fun!