Disney Cars coloring pages


Cars coloring pages make a sensation among all fans of unusual heroes. Cars, Lightning McQueen, Sally Carrera, Mater, Magister Felga, Guido and many, many more.

Disney Cars Coloring Pages

The fairy tale “Cars” is a great story not only for young (and older) automotive fans. It’s a world that everyone will like – all because of the colorful situations and, of course, the aforementioned characters. The “Cars” coloring sheets can be downloaded for free and printed on a home printer, all in order to start filling them with colors in accordance with the author’s fantasy as soon as possible.

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"Cars" coloring pages - interesting information

The fairy tale "Cars" has been a sensation for years not only among children and adolescents, but also adults. It is a great story that connects generations and provides an extraordinary experience. Mainly thanks to the colorful heroes. With the free coloring pages, you can paint them in your own colors while having fun! Before you download the free coloring book with the characters of Cars , check out the interesting information about this fairy tale. Here they are:

1. Few people know that the fairy tale "Cars" is based on an authentic story that once happened in the town of Peach Spring, Arizona.

2. The fairy tale "Cars" was produced with very modern equipment. It turns out that the computers on which this story was created were even 1000 times stronger than those on which the famous "Toy Story" was created. It is hardly surprising, however. After all, the latter fairy tale was written in 1995. Nevertheless, these numbers are impressive!

3. One of the heroes of the fairy tale "Cars "Is called Guido - a name that means" I am going ". This is a translation from Italian. It is in sunny Italy that Guido is the real name.

4. The heroes of the fairy tale "Cars" are as the name suggests, cars. Interestingly, there is not a single person there. Each of the heroes is ... a car, even worms.

3. Sally Carrera, one of the protagonists fairy tale "Cars", has a tattoo.

5. Almost ... 1000 new characters appeared in "Cars 2". It's a lot, not only for an animated film.

6. Lightning MacQueen, one of the heroes the fairy tale "Cars", was to start in the race with number 57 - this is the birthday of director John Lasseter. Ultimately, however, this issue is 95, the year in which the aforementioned "Toy Story" appeared.

"Cars" coloring pages are a series of different types of coloring books that can be quickly (and most importantly - free of charge!) download from our website. They do not need to be printed in a specialized printing house. A home printer will be perfect. So it's all about printing and spending time creatively with the whole family. Have fun coloring!