Disney coloring pages


Is there a child in the world who doesn’t love Disney characters? In our opinion, all kids love Mickey Mouse, Minnie, Pluto, Donald Duck or, for example, Disney princesses. It is hardly surprising. The characters, colorful in appearance and character, attract the attention of people from all over the world.

Disney coloring pages

Not only children love Disney, but also adults. It is similar with coloring books – from our website you can download Disney coloring books for free. The character selection is huge! Everyone will find something for himself. And then just print it on your home printer and it’s ready for long, autumn evenings (and not only).

Coloring page Monsters Inc. for children
Bunnies coloring book for kids
Winnie the Pooh with balloons and honey coloring page
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Pinocchio coloring book for children
Minnie is watering the flowers in the garden coloring page
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Disney Mickey Mouse coloring book
Minnie Mouse coloring book for kids
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Coloring book maze from the Lion King
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Wreck-it Ralph coloring page from Disney's fairy tale
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Coloring book with bunnies from Disney fairy tale
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Ariel coloring page to print

Disney - interesting information about the characters

It's hard not to love Disney characters. These characters are already iconic and are known to people from all over the world - both children and adults. We return to films with these characters in the lead role at every stage of our lives. Children love everything about Disney, including coloring books.

Do you know the following interesting facts about the characters of Disney cartoons? We had no idea about them and they surprised us a lot. Here are some surprising facts:

1. Mickey Mouse was supposed to be ... Mortimer. It seems strange, doesn't it? After all, the name Mortimer sounds quite… ominous. Fortunately, Walt Disney changed his mind under the influence of his wife Liliana. And so the famous mouse was named Mickey Mouse. However, this does not change the fact that Mortimer appeared in a fairy tale. He, like Miki, was competing for Minnie's favor.

2. A lot of people think that Jane from Tarzan is ... the granddaughter of Bella and the Beast. Is it really true? In fact, this may be the case, as Jen is immensely similar to her would-be grandmother. There is one more "evidence" - Jane very often drank tea from a set that was obvious and that could have come from Bella.

3. Few people realize that Bambi's mother appeared in the first scenes of "Beauty and the Beast" and in "The Jungle Book". Interesting, isn't it?

4. And is there a similarity between the features? of Aladdin's face and the features of Tom Cruis? It turns out that the former could have been modeled on a famous actor. Lots of people see a great similarity and lots of people see the opposite.

5. After the premiere of the fairy tale "Princess and Frog 'in the United States, 50 salmonella poisonings have been reported. And all because some young viewers decided to… kiss the frog.

6. In the fairy tale "The Lion King", hyenas are presented in a very negative context. One biologist who decided to take Disney to court for it did not like this.

Do you love Disney cartoons too? You will surely love the free coloring pages with characters from Disney movies in the lead roles. Check it out on our website!