Fortnite Coloring Pages


You and your child love Fortnite? Not only you! The whole world is crazy about this amazing game. That’s why we’ve decided to prepare coloring sheets for you! You will surely love these Fortnite drawings. How about Venturion, Ice King, Ragnarok, Peely or Beef Boss? These and many other heroes, weapons and figurines can be found on our website. To work!

Fortnite Coloring Pages

Fortnite coloring book not only for game lovers

Are Fortnite drawings also intended for smaller children who do not yet play computer games? Yes of course! Please feel free to browse through the various sheets on our website. Let your children decide for themselves what they want to color. Perhaps it will be Fortnite coloring pages? Check out the different options. After all, our sheets are free! All you need to do is to download them quickly and efficiently and print them on your home printer. Simple, fast and cheap. To work! :)

Coloring book for kids Fortnite paratrooper
Coloring page Ether from Fortnite
Fortnite Astronaut coloring page
Fortnite lama coloring book for kids
Tomatohead coloring page printable from Fortnite
Blockbuster coloring page from Fortnite
Venturion from Fortnite coloring book for kids
Sun Strider Fortnite coloring page
Ragnarok coloring page to print
Coloring page Alpine Ace Fortnite
Coloring page Teknique Fortnite Battle Royale
Guaco Fortnite coloring page to print
Tropical Zoey Fortnite Coloring Book Printable
Crackshot coloring book from Fortnite game
Peekaboo Fortnite Outfit coloring page to print
Frog Fortnite coloring page printable
Fortnite Abstract coloring page
Fortnite Marshmello coloring page to print
Fortnite mask coloring page for printing
Fortnite logo coloring page to print
Coloring page Fortnite cake 1st first place
Fortnite miniature coloring book for kids
Fortnite chest coloring book for kids
Fortnite weapons coloring book

Coloring Fortnite for fans of the game

Are there people in the world who are unfamiliar with Fortnite? In our opinion, no. It is probably the most popular computer game nowadays, which also gained great fame in Poland. Children and teenagers are mainly fascinated by it. However, many adults also use this entertainment. We also love her very much! That's why we present you Fortnite coloring pages . We know that real fans of games also love gadgets related to their favorite heroes or other elements of the game. And we certainly do not need to remind anyone about the advantages of coloring books, also for older children, teenagers or adults. Coloring pages, not only Fortnite coloring pages, are great accessories that will help you relax, throw away bad thoughts and, above all, give a lot of entertainment. It is also a great way to spend time together - with the whole family or a group of friends. So, the felt-tip pens and crayons are on the move and get to work! Fortnite coloring book is waiting!

15 things you didn't know about Fortnite

To encourage you to color Fortnite sheets even more, we have prepared 15 great tidbits for you. With this Fortnite knowledge, coloring pages will be even more attractive! Here are 15 things you definitely didn't know about Fortnite yet:

1. Did you know that almost ... 80 million people played Fortnite in one month? This is the number of inhabitants of Poland multiplied by two. Amazing, isn't it?

2. Kyle "Bugha" Giersdorf, a huge fan of Fortnite, entered the World Cup in Fortnite. He then won ... $ 3 million. Are you a child or a teenager and your parents constantly limit your access to computer games? Read them this curiosity, and who knows ... Maybe they will change their minds and even encourage you to play Fortnite? ;)

3. It turns out that the vast majority of Fortnite players (not counting people who are under 18 years old) are between the ages of 18 and 24. The conclusion is clear - the greatest Fortnite fans are very young.
4. Let's go back to the Fortnite World Cup for a moment. It turns out that no women took part in the competition during the 2019 competition. I wonder why Fortnite is definitely a "male" game? :)

5. Fortnite is a very, very profitable computer game. Only the mobile version made over a million dollars in just 3 days. It's hard to say how much the Fortnite developers have earned in total, but probably the amounts are downright unimaginable.

6. In October 2018 alone, Fortnite streams were watched for approximately 110 million hours. Nice sum, right?

7. We already mentioned that Fortnite is more of a "masculine" game. This is also confirmed by two independent analyzes. It turned out that over 70% of Fortnite players are guys. However, this does not change the fact that many representatives of the fair sex are also among the fans of this game. No wonder - Fortnite attracts like a magnet!

8. Note! Fortnite is addictive! A 9-year-old British woman was sent to ... rehab. Apparently she was unable to stop playing Fortnite. The parents noticed a big problem pretty quickly. First, they wanted to deal with it without the help of specialists. Therefore, they deleted the game, and then their own daughter attacked them. Fortunately, there was no tragedy.

9. The first version of Fortnite could appear in ... 2011. Then Epic Games, the creator of the later work, announced the premiere. However, it turned out that testing and research delayed implementation. Finally, Fortnite entered the market only in 2017. However, there was something to wait for, right?

10. Did you know that games like Fortnite are designed by very smart and educated people? In the case of Fortnite, they were primarily doctors of behavioral psychology. Knowledge of this field of science allowed the creators to create a work that fascinated millions of people from around the world. The main goal was to keep the players in suspense. You managed to get this effect, right?

11. Streamers, i.e. players who share their actions online with a wide audience, also earn a lot from Fortnite. Ninja is one of the most popular streamers who reportedly earns ... $ 500,000 a month. What, dear parents? Maybe you will let your kids play a bit? :)

12. Research shows that as many as 70% of Fortnite players have made at least one purchase in the game. Supposedly, there is $ 85 for one person. All in all, this gives the creators a nice amount of money.

13. One of Canada's most popular rappers, Drake, loves Fortnite. Apparently, when recording his albums, he always takes a lot of breaks, all in order to play the game, but also to watch the streams. Such a confession is a nice advertisement for Fortnite, right?

14. A very characteristic and at the same time popular aspect of the game is ... ceremonial dances performed by the players' avatars.

15. The Polish language version is available in Fortnite, to the delight of Polish players. This is good news, especially for very young fans. The game can be played from the age of 12.

Fornite is a real firecracker among games. Not only does it attract like a magnet, but also a lot of interesting facts have arisen around it. There are also… coloring pages :) Have you downloaded your favorite sheets yet? :)