Frozen coloring pages


Which of the little girls is not in love with Princess Elsa? When we take to this other heroes such as the cheerful snowman Olaf, Kristoff, Sven the reindeer, Hans, Prince and Anna, we already have a full range of fantastic characters that have been loved by children from all over the world! No wonder that the coloring pages “Frozen” are also very popular.

Frozen coloring pages

On our website, coloring pages in A4 format can be downloaded for free. It is worth doing this, and then printing the coloring book on your home printer and finally – devoting yourself not necessarily to ice-cream coloring. Good luck!

Elsa and Anna coloring page for kids with the Frozen logo to print
Happy Olaf from Frozen coloring book for kids
Sven and Kristoff coloring book for Frozen fans
Coloring page Anna and Elsa in an embrace printable
Elsa from the fairy tale Frozen coloring book for girls
Frozen Anna coloring page to print
Elsa and Anna celebrate Olaf's birthday coloring book for kids
Sven and Kristoff coloring book from Frozen 2
Anna and Olaf waiting for Sven coloring page to print
Sven reindeer coloring book from the fairy tale Frozen
Frozen fairy tale characters coloring page
Elsa and Anna coloring page
Frozen printable coloring book with fairy tale heroes
Frozen logo to print from the fairy tale Frozen
Elsa coloring while escaping
Anna Frozen Coloring Pages Printable
Anna and Elsa make Olaf the snowman coloring book for children
Coloring Frozen starring Elsa and Anna

"Frozen" - interesting information

"Frozen" is a fairy tale loved by girls (and not only) from all over the world. The extraordinary Frozen attracts attention with beautiful pictures and unusual heroes. No wonder that "ice cream coloring pages" are also very popular. Meanwhile, it is worth reading some very interesting facts about this amazing fairy tale. Ready? Here they are:

1. Anna and Rapunzel are family, but not everyone knows that their mothers are ... sisters.

2. The heroes of the fairy tale "Frozen" - Hans, Kristoff, Anna and Sven owe their names ... to Hans Christian Andersen, who was the author of the famous "Snow Queen". At first glance, the set of these names does not have that much in common with the author of the iconic fairy tale, but when we say them quickly one by one, the similarity will indeed be striking!

3. In some scenes of "Frozen" characters from other Disney fairy tales appear, such as Mouse Miki. It's worth noting.

4. It's hard to imagine, but it turns out that originally Elsa was supposed to be a… villain. Fortunately, the authors of the fairy tale changed their minds on time, and today this extraordinary character is very positive and, therefore, adored all over the world!

5. The proof that "Frozen" has gained a huge crowd of fans from all over the world is that in the period of the fairy's greatest popularity, the frequency of naming Anna and Elsa for newborns has increased enormously. Maybe that's good - after all, they are very pretty names.

6. A large part of the fairy tale "Frozen" are sung scenes - they account for about 25% of the total fairy tale.

7. The order of creating the fairy tale "Frozen" was quite specific - it started from ... the end, and only to all history was made of it.

Do you love "Frozen" too? It's great! Then it is worth downloading our free coloring pages from "Frozen". A number of characters, and hence - coloring possibilities. You do not have to decide on cold colors, you can choose the warm ones and it will be great too. Happy coloring!