Lego coloring pages


Lego coloring pages or the most popular bricks in the world are loved not only by children, but also by adults. It is not surprising – they provide a number of fun opportunities, developing creativity and filling the time in an attractive way. Not only the blocks themselves are popular with people from all over the world. All Lego gadgets are also popular.

Lego Coloring Pages

Lego coloring pages, including lego ninjago coloring pages, are very frequently downloaded sheets from our website. Take a look at what we have to offer. Click on the desired painting and download for free. Then just print it on your home printer and the Lego coloring book is ready. To work!

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Lego Ninjago Coloring Pages

Lego Ninjago blocks became famous already in 2001. As soon as they appeared on the market, they almost immediately became a real sales bestseller. Children from all over the world love these bricks. Moreover, the adults were not left behind. There were more and more fans, and today there are a lot of them. It is worth mentioning that lego Ninjago are products for slightly older Lego lovers. This series is characterized by the use of motifs from Japanese culture.

The main characters of the Lego Ninjago series are Zane, Kai, Jai and Cole. What is the beginning of their story? As is usually the case at the beginning, it is about the emergence of the world this time. It was created by four masters of spinjutz. The Ninjago series is constantly being expanded due to the addition of new heroes to the story. Thus, new elements of blocks appear in the series. It is also worth mentioning that the Lego Ninjago series also includes numerous accessories in its collection, which are a great variety of fun. Children have many unique opportunities to spend time in a unique way - for example, they can role-play. No wonder that the great popularity of Lego Ninjago bricks translates into interest in coloring books with this motif.

Lego Ninjago coloring pages are a real treat not only for brick fans! These types of sheets are a great way to develop coloring, grinding and manual skills. Coloring is a great activity for younger and older children. It is very attractive to children and has a positive effect on their development. It is worth offering the little ones coloring books with their favorite motifs. Then they will color more often. And the wolf is full and the sheep are whole!

Lego friends coloring pages and more

On our website you will also find other Lego coloring books. Lego city coloring pages are also downloaded very often. Like lego star wars coloring pages and lego batman coloring pages. Download with your child any one you want to color at the moment. Sheets are free and can be easily printed on a home printer.

Lego - interesting facts

We told a bit about Lego Ninjago, but it is worth mentioning other interesting facts about Lego. This will convince you not only to play with blocks, but also to color Lego sheets, which can be downloaded for free on our website. So what else can we say about Lego? There are a lot of interesting facts! Here they are:

1. The Lego company was founded in 1932. The name of Lego, however, appeared only two years later.

2. Where did the name Lego come from? It comes from the two words "leg godt" - which means something like "I hope you get better." The name was invented by one of the company's employees in response to the competition. There was… a bottle of house wine to win.

3. Initially, the company produced wooden toys. One of the first was a wooden duck,

4. The company was initially managed by Ole Kirk Christiansen. When he died, his son Godt Kirk Christiansen took over the business. The next boss is the grandson of the former. Only for about 10 years the company has been managed by a person not from the family. However, it must be said that the Christiansen family still owns 70% of the shares in the company.

5. From the very beginning, the company's operation was guided by the approach: "only the best is good enough". There has always been great emphasis on the quality of all Lego products. Safety was and is not without significance.

6. It was only (or already?) in 1947 that the company decided to start using one more raw material for production. So plastics joined wood. An injection molding machine was purchased which was very expensive. Its price was equal to the profit of the entire company for several years. At that time, samples of Kiddicraft blocks were also transported to the factory. It was on this basis that Lego bricks were created.

7. Lego started to be produced in 1949, but was not patented until 1958. During this period, the goods began to be exported abroad.

These are so many curiosities when it comes to the history of the brand's creation. And now some tidbits related to numbers. Here they are:

8. In 2015, a LEGO brick tower was built in Milan, measuring over 33 meters. Until today, no one has beaten this achievement - this building is still the tallest building built of blocks.

9. In Lego you can find a lot of different sets. The largest consists of 5,900 parts (the Taj Mahal). After construction, the mausoleum is half a meter wide and 40 centimeters high. However, this set has been discontinued for a long time. Therefore, it achieves great value because it is desired. If you dream about the Taj Mahal in Lego edition, get ready for the cost of up to several thousand dollars.

10. The first Lego figurine was produced in 1974. It looked different than the ones we know today. A year later, minifigures began to be produced. Lego figures have been mass-produced since 1978.

11. Not everyone knows that two basic LEGO bricks can be connected in 24 different ways. The more blocks you take, the more combinations you can create. These numbers are huge!

12. Most likely, Lego sales are so high that even several sets are sold in one second. We can believe it, is there a person in the world who doesn't love Lego?

We hope that these curiosities have convinced you that Lego is a great thing. Just like Lego coloring pages! Check them out now - you and your children will surely find the perfect coloring sheets for you. Have fun!