LOL Surprise coloring pages


L.O.L Suprise is a series of characters that make a sensation around the world. Lol Oops Baby, Short Stop, Unicorn, Coconut Q.T, Dawn, Fanime, Foxy, Flower Child and many, many others will fall in love with little girls who love their heroines for their colorfulness and originality.

LOL Surprise coloring pages

Now they can color them themselves! This possibility is given to them by free L.O.L. Suprise coloring pages which can be downloaded in A4 format. We cordially invite you to have colorful fun together!

New coloring book of LOL Surprise Hairgoals dolls
Coloring page doll with L.O.L Surprise named Unicorn
Coloring book with the famous L.O.L Surprise doll
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Angel L.O.L Surprise coloring page for girls
Coloring book with Super B.B. for printing LOL Surprise
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Painting LOL doll for children
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Napis L.O.L Suprise do druku
Coloring page printable with LOL Center Stage doll
Sis Swing doll L.O.L Surprise
Coloring book for children LoL Dancer
Free printable coloring page with little sister LOL Surprise
Free LOL Surprise coloring page to print
LOL Surprise coloring book for girls
Coloring page baby doll LoL Surprise, printable
Printable coloring page with a LOL Surprise baby doll
Coloring book with Lol Surprise doll with flowers in the background
Coloring book for girls with three L.O.L Surprise dolls

L.O.L. Suprise - interesting information

Characters L.O.L. Suprise is very popular all over the world. Why have they been so successful? Do these dolls have special functions? What does "L.O.L" even mean? We will try to answer these and many other questions in the field of "L.O.L. Suprise ”by presenting some extremely interesting and relevant facts. Here they are:

1. L.O.L dolls debuted in December 2016. They were created by MGA Entertainment, which is based in California, United States.

2. L.O.L. Suprise are different. We can find them in stores all over the world. In a large ball that has 7 layers, we find the older sister. There are baby dolls in medium balls and they have 5 layers. Medium, yellow balls are reserved for animals and have 7 layers. And finally we come to the smallest. These contain charming spheres that are sparkling and dissolve in water (they have 3 layers).

3. There are often limited editions of L.O.L on the market. Suprise, which consist of more and more original and diverse packaging.

4. The dolls that have been in the market since the fifth series have realistic-looking hair added.

5. The toys from the L.O.L series keep coming. There are more and more of them on the market - they are not only various dolls, but also original gadgets.

6. Some of the dolls (sisters) have interesting functions - e.g. they can change colors, pee, cry or… spit.

7. Some of the LOL dolls are quite unique - they are produced in small quantities and sometimes specific models are very hard to buy. The most requested dolls are Purple Queen, Stardust Queen, Splash Queen, Splash Meow-Maid, and a few others.

8. What does L.O.L. stand for? It's short for "Little Outrageous Littles". Now, the full name no longer appears on packages of dolls and gadgets - it could be found on early versions of packages.

L.O.L Suprise attracts the attention of children from all over the world. Free L.O.L. coloring pages, which can be downloaded from our website, will also make a sensation. And they are very easily available and, as we mentioned, free of charge. They can be easily downloaded, printed on a home printer and a great surprise for kids is ready.