Minecraft coloring pages


The cult 3D game has long been of great interest to young and old from all over the world. That’s why Minecraft coloring pages had to be on our website. We offer lots of interesting pictures for you to print.

Minecraft coloring pages

Just download, print on a home printer and the world of Minecraft for coloring opens in front of us. What would you like to color today? Zombies, villagers or Steve Alex? Free Minecraft coloring sheets at your fingertips!

Alex Minecraft coloring book for boys
Minecraft animals coloring book for kids
Coloring page settler from minecraft free printable
Coloring cow from Minecraft video game
Coloring Minecraft pig for free
Minecraft chicken coloring page to print
Enderman coloring book for boys as a picture from Minecraft
Minecraft dog coloring book printable from games for boys and girls
Coloring page Minecraft cow and house
Steve from minecraft on horse coloring page free printable
Family Minecraft coloring book for kids
Enderman Minecraft coloring book
Coloring book online from the game Minecraft
Ghast mob - ghost from Minecraft coloring page to print
Endu dragon coloring book from minecraft for kids
Minecraft coloring book for kids for free print
Minecraft coloring book with pictures of the game heroes
Minecraft online coloring book with the main character of the game and a dog
Coloring page Minecraft mob with a bow for printing
Coloring Minecraft with the heroes of the online game
Minecraft sword coloring page to print
Printable Minecraft spider coloring book
Minecraft Dungeons logo to print
Minecraft logo for coloring and printing

Interesting Minecraft info

Minecraft is already a cult game that is loved by the old and the young. No wonder that all Minecraft-related gadgets are of such great interest. An example can be the coloring pages, which we will mention later. Meanwhile, let's focus on interesting facts related to Minecraft - there are a lot of them. We have chosen the most interesting ones in our opinion. Here they are:

1. Minecraft is a survival computer game. It allows you to build and destroy buildings in a world that has been generated randomly.

2. The time in this game moves much, much faster than it actually is. Here, a day lasts only 20 minutes. During this time, the day lasts 10 minutes and the night only lasts 7. So where are the other 3 minutes? The creators of the game allocated 1.5 minutes to sunrise and sunset.

3. There are different villages in Minecraft. They are inhabited by settlers who perform various professions. They are, for example, farmers, librarians, butchers, blacksmiths, and even priests.

4. There are many ways to die in the game. The most common causes of death include: hunger, TNT explosion, shooting by an arrow, falling into a void, falling from heights, falling into lava, stabbing by cactus spines, drowning, monster attack, set on fire by fire and many, many more.

5. Everyone knows that Minecraft is an extremely popular game, but probably not everyone realizes how there is great interest in this game. It turns out that in 2017 there were as many as ... over 70 million active players. These are amazing numbers that are even greater today.

6. Who made Minecraft? It was not a large corporation, but a single person - Markus Persson, known as Notch. Of course, today the team working on the maintenance and development of the game is much larger - it amounts to several dozen people.

7. It's hard to say how many copies of this game have been sold in total. Estimates show that already well over 100 million.

8. There are several game modes in the game, they are Survival, Hardcore, Adventure and Observer modes.

Minecraft fans eagerly reach for gadgets related to this game. Coloring sheets are sure to be a lot of fun. It is worth reaching for them from our website - they are free and can be downloaded in a short time. We encourage you!