Learning to write numbers


Learning to write numbers does not have to be a tedious activity. We can use free worksheets for this, which are available for download on our website.

Learning to write numbers

Practicing handwriting is very important to your child’s development. Therefore, let us not delay too long, as soon as we get our child interested in the subject. Of course, our child will not often use handwriting throughout his life – after all, laptops, tablets, and smartphones are already on a pedestal in our everyday life. However, this does not change the fact that independent writing will not disappear – it is practical, and very important at the stage of child’s development.

Free number learning worksheets

Learning to write numbers will go smoothly and in a nice atmosphere thanks to our worksheets. Printable numbers can be printed on a home printer. Good luck in your studies! Make it great fun! Also visit the template page for learning to write letters.

Numbers from zero to ten 0-10 for learning to write
Learning to write the digit zero to download
Number one 1 for learning to write on the trace
Number two 2 to write on the trails in PDF format
Learning to write the numbers three 3 for kids
Writing on the track with the number four 4
Learning to write five 5 numbers for free print
Learning numbers six 6 to write on the track
Writing the number seven 7 along the line
Learning to write the number eight 8 along the line
Learning to write the numbers nine 9 for printing
Learning to write ten 10 numbers for printing

Learning numbers. Parent, it doesn't have to be hard!

The stage of interest in letters and numbers appears in children faster than their parents think. Before the time is over, learning numbers will be the order of the day. How to approach the topic rationally and most of all ... calmly? There are several ways to do this! Above all, a positive attitude! Learning numbers is something natural and really easy, especially considering today's methods and teaching aids. To work!

Learning numbers for kids - where to start?

Learning numbers for kids

Learning numbers is more than we think. For starters, it's worth remembering that you shouldn't force anything. Parenting teaches you not only to be patient, but also to hit the right moment. There will be a time for everything - just like puffing off, weaning, or soothering. Also, learning to write numbers should be introduced when THIS moment comes. It is best for the child to show self-interest in this direction. Learning numbers can turn out to be extremely interesting for him - especially when parents talk about this topic - unobtrusively, involuntarily, calmly. Anyway, each child is a great observer - he will notice that numbers are important in life because they appear at every step. The subject will become even more interesting for them when they have, for example, older siblings or older friends. The little ones often show great ambition and want to match the older ones with certain skills and thus - the more developed ones. Therefore, the desire to learn numbers and letters will come pretty quickly.

Parents often want to decide for themselves when the right moment comes for the learning of numbers to appear in the child's life. Meanwhile, mom and dad's efforts may be useless when the toddler himself does not show interest. Therefore, sometimes (often?) It is better to wait. It will be good for everyone, including the parents themselves, who will not frustrate each other unnecessarily. It is also not worth comparing our children to others. Perhaps a friend's child, who is similar in age to ours, can already count. Learning to write numbers happened much earlier, because the toddler showed such a willingness. The fact that our daughter / our son is still unable to count to ten or write a few numbers on a piece of paper does not mean that it develops slower, let alone that it is worse. Everything will even out over time. It is the same with learning to walk or speak, and with many other skills.

Learning numbers - next steps

Willingness and interest - we have it! Cool, now it's worth moving on to the next steps. It's best to help your child learn the first numbers through great fun. Many people associate the word "science" with boredom. And it doesn't have to be that way! Learning to write numbers can also be a stunning adventure. Therefore, it is worth taking the original coloring pages with numbers in motion, using stickers for fun. You can also think about the use of the so-called Doman's methods. The name comes from the name of scientist Glenn Doman, who proved that learning mathematics in a child up to the age of three can be too complicated if we use number symbols in it. Associating numbers with the correct number of characters will have a much better effect than with a specific symbol. What does this mean in practice? The use of equivalents of numbers in the form of the same signs, e.g. polygons or colored dots.

Learning numbers will be more effective with the use of blocks or puzzles. This is nothing more than proving to your child that math is used in everyday life. And how much it matters. On the market you will find a lot of ready-made toys and games that help your child get used to numbers and counting (e.g. a colorful abacus, which will also become a great decoration for a children's room). It is also worth introducing exercises into everyday life, using every opportunity that presents itself. Will there be guests for dinner? Let's ask the child to provide the right number of chairs for the aunt, uncle and their children. He will definitely do it!