Paw Patrol coloring pages


The fairy tale “Paw Patrol” has gained enormous popularity, of course, thanks to the extraordinary heroes. Marshall, Rubble, Chase, Rocky, Zuma, Skye, Everest, Tracker and Ryder are members of the great PAW Patrol team that all children, both older and younger, love. Viewers would like to help this noble band fix the world. Before that happens, however, it is worth to color our coloring pages.

Paw Patrol Coloring Pages

Free Paw Patrol coloring pages can be downloaded quickly and efficiently. Then just a printout on a home printer and you can color the world of PAW Patrol. Sounds great, doesn’t it? And this will also be the activity that will easily absorb the whole family!

Paw Patrol coloring book with the main characters of the fairy tale
Ryder coloring book - leader of the entire Paw Patrol team
Marshall coloring page from the fairy tale Paw Patrol
Chase coloring page from the fairy tale Paw Patrol to print
Everest coloring book with the protagonist of a fairy tale about dogs
Zuma online coloring Paw Patrol for printing
Rubble coloring page Paw Patrol
Skye coloring book from the fairy tale Paw Patrol to print
Tracker from the fairy tale Paw Patrol online coloring book
Rocky little dog free coloring page Paw Patrol
Coloring page Paw Patrol for boys
Dogs from the fairy tale Paw Patrol free online coloring book
Coloring page Paw Patrol to paint online
Printable original Paw Patrol logo
Paw Patrol coloring page with Chase and Marshall
Coloring page with Marshall and PAW Patrol pumpkins
Chase and Marshall are climbing the tree
Paw Patrol coloring page for kids
A little dog coloring page from PAW Patrol at the controls of a car
Working together in the garden coloring book with Paw Patrol
Coloring page with puppies from Paw Patrol
Paw Patrol coloring book with dogs
Chase and Ryder original coloring page Paw Patrol free download
Paw patrol with Chase puppies coloring pages

PAW Patrol - interesting information

Paw Patrol is a fairy tale loved all over the world! Lots of viewers follow the brave actions of the dog team, cheering at every step. Who wouldn't want to join the "Paw Patrol" team? Certainly, thanks to our coloring pages, you can move to this world for a moment. We also recommend that you find out some very interesting information about "PAW Patrol". Here they are:

1. The idea for the "Paw Patrol" fairy tale was born in Canada. Three friends from this country who have known each other since childhood, invented a canine team that will save the world.

2. The fairy tale was produced by Keith Chapman, a well-known and respected TV producer from Great Britain. Keith has already had a huge success - he has produced "Bob the Builder", known to children (and not only children) from all over the world. No wonder Paw Patrol was also a success.

3. Puppies featured in the animated film "Paw Patrol" are purebred dogs. The only exception is Rocky, who is a hybrid. Zuma is the youngest dog from a fairy tale, he is 5 years old. Everest, who is the oldest, is 8 years old.

4. The dogs in "PAW Patrol" use vehicles that are numbered. Each vehicle is assigned to a specific hero.

5. Where does the distinctive name Zuma come from? The doggie received them in honor of the famous beach, which is located in California, United States.

6. "Paw Patrol" achieved success in 2016 - first it was known from television. Soon he also made his debut at… theaters in the United States!

All kids love Paw Patrol. A fairy tale is one thing, but you must not forget about the gadgets related to this extraordinary story! That is why we offer fantastic coloring pages with the heroes of "Paw Patrol". All of them can be downloaded for free up to A4 format. They are perfect for printing on a home printer. Wait a minute and we have a coloring book that all kids will be crazy about.