Peppa Pig Coloring Pages


Peppa Pig is a charming heroine of an extraordinary fairy tale, which is impossible not to love at first sight. Peppa experiences great moments together with the other heroes of this interesting story – Daddy Pig, little brother George, and of course, Mother Pig. There are also some friends of Peppa, such as Emily and Suzy’s sheep.

Peppa Pig coloring Pages

All children love Peppa the pig and for sure they will also love coloring pages with this pig in the lead role. From our website you can download them for free and conveniently. Coloring pages with Peppa will be a great surprise for every child. This is how? Time for coloring, right?

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Peppa Pig - interesting information

You love Peppa Pig with your whole family, but you don't really know much about her? This is a good thing, because we have a portion of great curiosities about this extraordinary character and other heroes of this world-famous fairy tale. It's worth reading and talking about them while you color the world of Peppa Pig. Our free coloring pages are waiting for download! But what about these curiosities? Here they are:

1. Peppa Pig is famous in almost 200 countries! The fairy tale dialogues have been translated into 40 different languages.

2. The first episode of the fairy tale was broadcast in May 2004. It was broadcast by Channel 5 (UK). The episode was devoted to… playing in the mud after the rain. Quickly, this simple but captivating answer gained a lot of fans. More episodes are coming soon - over 250 in total!

3. Peppa Pig is, not surprisingly, also displayed in Australia. It turns out, however, that one of the episodes was banned there. In this episode, children were persuaded to stop being afraid of spiders. Unfortunately, Australia has a lot of poisonous species of these creatures, so teaching the youngest not to feel respect for them was not the best solution. To avoid a tragedy, the episode was completely taken down.

4. Who came up with the idea of ​​Peppa Pig? A group of three friends who knew each other from college (they studied together in the 1980s). As you can see - it's great that they came up with this character and the whole story, because children from all over the world benefited from it. Of course, the greatest profits were achieved by the creators themselves - today they are crazy rich!

5. Due to Peppa Pig's huge success in Great Britain, an amusement park was created which was devoted entirely to the heroes of the fairy tale. Inside there is, for example, Daddy Pig's car.

6. One of Peppa's founders is Phil Davies. He admitted that he did not have to put much effort into inventing some of the episodes, as his creation was inspired by… events in his family. Not bad, right?

7. One of the film's protagonists is Gabriella the goat. Unfortunately, this character destroyed the life of an Italian woman called Capra Gabriella. In Italian, this name and surname means ... the goat Gabrielle. The woman was mocked.

Peppa Pig is a wonderful fairy tale, which now each child can give their own colors! It is worth reaching for our coloring pages, which are free and printable on a home printer. So what? Time for coloring pages with Peppa in the lead role? :)