Help with printing coloring pages

Help with printing coloring pages

The help page for printing is intended for users of Coloring.Net. We hope to make suggestions to help you solve any problems you may encounter when trying to print your coloring pages on our site.

Coloring book won’t print?

If you have general printer problems or are unable to print a coloring page, see the troubleshooting guide that came with your printer or check online help from the printer manufacturer’s website.

Most of the printing problems we encounter when visiting coloring pages are the result of a temporary fault. The first thing that you should always do is restart your computer (including turning off the printer) and then restart everything. Then we try to print the coloring page again. In 90% of cases, this solves the problem.

Still not working?

Below is a list of common problems and their solutions. These solutions will help most of you, but if you’re still having problems, feel free to contact us using our email address: admin @ localhost.

Q: Why is the “Print Coloring” button at the bottom of the page not working?

About: You need JavaScript enabled in your browser to be able to use the “Print Coloring Book” link. If you don’t have Javascript enabled, just use your browser’s print function (for example, in Internet Explorer, click Tools in the top right corner of the screen and select Print)

Q: Why can’t I view or print the coloring pages?

A: The problem is with Internet Explorer or other browsers that use the graphics accelerator function. The fixes can be found in the links below. By disabling / enabling accelerator functions in the browser, the images can be viewed and therefore the browser can print. It looks like the accelerator feature will either hide the images or convert them to a different format, which reduces their size – this depends on the accelerator type and browser.

Q: When I try to print a page I only get part of the page. Do I have to do anything special to print the entire page?

A: There can be two reasons for this problem. In one case, the template was interrupted while downloading and showing incomplete on the screen and also printing as incomplete. The second problem may be related to the computer’s memory. Follow these steps to fix the problem:

Step 1 – Reload the coloring page.

Hold down the CTRL key and press the F5 key. This forces your browser to reload the page from our web server and ignore any cached information that may be stored on your computer. If this works, the image will now be fully displayed on the screen.

Step 2 – Free up computer memory.

Some of our coloring pages are quite large and require a lot of computer resources to print. Large images require a lot of free memory. If your page does not print, or prints only partially, try to free some memory:

Restart your computer and start over.

To prevent this from happening, reduce the number of coloring pages you are trying to print at once in the future (give your printer a chance to go through the printing process slowly).

Keep in mind that printable coloring pages are larger files so you’ll need to give the printer extra time to make them.

P. I am using A4 paper. Are there other sizes of the coloring pages?

O. No, but you can right-click the image, save it to your hard drive, and open it in another scaling and printing program.

P. When I try to print some coloring pages, I get the error message “NO PAGES TO PRINT”. Why is that?

A. If you refresh your browser this will usually fix the problem. Click the RELOAD / REFRESH button in your browser (or press CTRL + F5) and try to reprint, or right-click the coloring page, save it to your hard drive and open it in another printing program.