Pusheen coloring pages


Your child loves coloring books? Pusheen coloring pages will surely interest them. This cat celebrity is loved by the youngest from all over the world! Pusheen gained popularity thanks to Facebook. Although it must not be forgotten that there are no coincidences here. The cat star is simply adorable and it is impossible not to love her. Check out the Pusheen coloring pages. Your baby will be delighted!

Pusheen Coloring Pages

Your baby loves Pusheen? Coloring page with this celebrity cat in the lead role will make your little ones happy. You don’t have to spend a fortune on them. You can print printable coloring pages for free on your home printer. It’s very simple – you can find the appropriate sheets on our website. Choose those Pusheen coloring pages that interest you (or actually your child) the most. You just need to cover the cost of printing – the sheets are free. We love to make the youngest happy. Join us!

Pusheen kitten family for printing
Pusheen coloring book for children
Pusheen the cat for coloring
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Pusheen coloring book logo
Pusheen the unicorn coloring page
Kitten Pusheen coloring book with the words
Pusheen mermaid coloring book
Pusheen on a bike coloring book
Winter coloring book with Pusheen the kitten
Summer coloring book with Pusheen for kids
Spring Pusheen coloring page

Fun facts about Pusheen

Your baby loves Pusheen? So be sure to read the following curiosities to shine in front of your child!

1. Pusheen is a cartoon cat, the hero of comics and Facebook stickers.

2. This character was created by Andrew Daff and Claire Belton in 2010. The authors then posted Pusheen on their website.

3. Pusheen's official website hints that this character is a female cat.

4. The kitten's name comes from the Irish language. Puisin is simply a kitten.

5. What is Pusheen's favorite pastime? It's no secret that the kitten loves to eat. He mainly eats turkey, dough or pizza. She loves to spend time on her iPhone, to sleep, dress up as Easter Bunny or make footprints painted with paint. Pusheen is celebrating the American Thanksgiving (hence the turkey in the first place).

6. Pusheen visited Japan. She went there for the weekend. She spent time actively visiting attractive places and eating delicious things. Pusheen mostly ate the famous sushi.

7. It's also worth adding that Pusheen loves Christmas . Then he deals with packing presents, waiting for the arrival of Santa Claus or singing Christmas carols. A cat loves her family and it is at Christmas that she spends a lot of time with them.

8. Pusheen is a social kitty. He has a lot of friends with whom he loves to spend pleasant moments.

9. The celebrity cat, like everyone else, also likes to create a list of New Year's resolutions. However, not all of them are realized;)

10. What is the reason for the Pusheen phenomenon? Its success comes primarily from diversity. The cat star has many incarnations. More than once it is styled as a white unicorn with a rainbow fringe, sometimes it disguises itself as a jar of Nutella, and more than once consumes fries from a popular fast-food chain. Besides, Pusheen seems to be pleasantly fluffy. She is also ... round, which is due to her excessive appetite.

11. Pusheen's success is tremendous. No wonder we can find a lot of products with the image of a friendly, gray tabby kitten. Store shelves (including online ones) are full of products with a cat's celebrity in the lead role - mugs, T-shirts, notebooks. We especially recommend Pusheen coloring pages. You don't have to pay for them - you can download them for free on our website. The only cost you will incur is the one for the ink from your home printer.